My Hummy – Sleep Aid Review

Sleep, its what everyone needs and wants. With a new baby you expect the sleepless nights,  but as time goes on and the lack of sleep starts to take its toll, you will do anything for a little bit longer.

Fraser is not a good sleeper that is pretty much fact.  He would stir throughout the night and once he was awake that was it, whoever got the short straw was up partying throughout the night with him.  We hunted the forums, the Q&A’s of just how we could get a few more hours of shut eye.  In stepped *My Hummy*.

My Hummy is a sleep aid comes in various colors and sizes.  The one we purchased was the Snoozy.  The reason for this review I was very apprehensive initially at buying one. I’m hoping this review will help with your decision.


This cute little guy plays white noise but not just that he is also a teddy and safe to have inside the cot with older babies. It also comes with a loop that you can attach to the hood of buggy’s, cots etc for younger babies. The white noise comes from a little device which is inside a zipped pocket , which can be easily removed.

To turn him on you just press his tummy.  It then plays continuous white noise.  You can also change the volume, or type of white noise. That’s not even the best bit! It will play for an hour then it will start to fade.  Which is great because I found a lot of  other brands would only play for half an hour then stop and you have to go back in to turn it back on.  This little guy will then stay prepared for the next 12 hours in case your little one decides to stir or wake up, then the myHummys sensors would pick this up and begin to play white noise again to sooth them  The different types of white noise: amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall,  hairdryer, vacuum cleaner which is Fraser’s favorite.


To wash, remove the white noise device from the myHummy and pop him in the washing machine.  He washes really well which great because he has been covered in dribble a few too many times.

MyHummy is a great product. I feel it only has two drawbacks.                                                     First. It eats batteries like anything so stock up on a good supply of rechargeable ones, not sure if its the batteries we have or the myHummy (as we use rechargeable ones) but they need to be changed every 3-4 nights.                                                                                   Second. It will set you back a pretty penny between £40-60. Or more for their new phone enabled sleep aids which i cant comment on, whether its worth the extra or not.                 I know i gasped when i seen the price too, it is the most expensive teddy I have ever bought and i did worry a bit while pressing the pay button.  I would recommend checking to see if white noise first soothes your little sleep thief before dishing out the dosh.  We used one of the many free white noise apps that can be found on your phone, the problem with them is the app only last max 1 hour and then you need go back turn back on, plus it kills the battery on your phone, and if anyone phones obviously the white noise stops.


To conclude myHummy is in my opinion the best baby item I have ever bought.  Fraser is put down wide awake, not cuddled to sleep or rocked, we give him a kiss put Snoozy on and leave the room within 5 minutes he is fast asleep.  If we’re out and about normally myHummy comes too and again within 5 minutes  of it being turned on he will calm down and fall asleep without much of a fuss. It took a few weeks for Fraser to work out the white noise meant time to sleep but once he did it felt that it was well worth the money, plus it gives him something to cuddle up to. Thanks to myHummy *touch wood* we have a baby that sleeps through the night for at least 11 hours and has a great morning and afternoon nap.

Thank You myHummy



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